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My Words......

This is 100% Virgin Hair, No Lice, No Shedding, & No stinky smell! Are you tired of getting BS *** bundles! I know I was! No MORE worries! The wefts are strong! (No skimpy bundles over here!)They are full from weft to ends. The hair is ALL NATURAL so it only comes in Natural brown. Of course ends are lighter and the ends may be slightly split, only cuz its the real deal.....Get you some, your going to LOVE it. The good thing is you can wear this hair multiple times! I like to get my moneys worth, and I know YOU do to! People always talking about virgin hair, Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, GIRL PLEASE! Don't you hate when people talk all that **** and then u get some stank hair, the ends be all thin and skimpy, the hair shed, tangle, and mat up in a big ball in the back of ur (THAT SUCKS) Then they have the nerve to say no refunds....Well its all good you don't have to worry about your bundles anymore! I linked up with a Hair Factory in China so the hair comes straight from the factory! It will be shipped DHL same day you order. Package will say Synthetic Hair or Wig Samples because Human Hair CAN NOT be shipped over the country! (Just so you don't freak out when you get your package!) ALL HONESTY....

Hair Facts......

7a Grade on the Bundle Deals...You will love it, because you get to use this hair more than once! Should last up to 2+ years with good care. This hair a Natural thickness so you would only need 2 bundle for a natural look for installs 10in-18in. 3 Bundles for installs ranging from 18in-24in. Installs 24in and up you will need 3 or more depending on how full you like to rock it. No Smell, No Lice, Minimal Shedding if the weft is not tampered with! Ask your stylist to do the fold method. This hair have a lots of body and versatility once installed. ALL NATURAL NO SYNETHIC! It comes in natural 1b color only. Ends may be lighter, this is the real deal do if your hair is Natural brown it will blend perfectly! If it not this hair colors so good! If you decide to color the hair don't use anything stronger than 30 volume with bleach, so the hair can stay soft and strong! If you want a lighter look you can use 40 volume but please watch! Enjoy you new hair! Lace wigs coming soon!

*Money Back Guaranteed*